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Michigan Movie Extras Agency & Film Friendly Locations
Filming In Detroit
Michigan Movie Extras Service & Film Friendly Locations Database

1032 N. Crooks Rd, Studio G,
Clawson, Michigan 48017 | Map
(Between 14 & 15 Mile Rd.)


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Filming In Detroit LLC - Michigan Movie Extras Service & Film Friendly Locations Database in Metro Detroit area and State of Michigan - we facilitate location services, movie extras, automobiles, and animal talents for motion picture, television, video, commercial, and photography productions in the metropolitan Detroit area. How It Works?

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The State of Michigan has partnered with the Hollywood film industry to produce major motion pictures right in our very own communities. In fact, The State of Michigan has the most competitive film tax rebate credit program in the Nation right now! So what does that mean for you?

Michigan Movie Extras Service

MOVIE EXTRAS (background players) are the actors in the background who make scenes look realistic and alive. There is a constant need to fill the background of movies, TV shows, TV commercials, music videos, sitcoms and reality shows. Movie Extras get paid for filling these spaces, standing around, or moving around behind the actors.

Because most Movie Extras are not required to speak, they absolutely don't need any experience in the entertainment business. There are also no physical requirements - movie makers need individuals of all shapes and sizes to represent groups of real people. Learn more »

Location Scouting in Metro Detroit

Filming in Detroit can help you parlay your property to make a major motion picture. Our location scouts work with the studios and production companies to find just the right location for a shoot in metropolitan Detroit -- and our reason for being is to help you make real profits if you're a local property owner. Find out below if you have what it takes -- both materially and otherwise -- to take advantage of Hollywood coming to your Detroit area backyard -- and Hollywood money into your back pocket! Learn more »

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Michigan Movie Extras Service & Film Friendly Locations Database. Location scouts, movie extras, actors, properties, automobiles.
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